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Guys, I have just heard that Mistress Sidonia from The English Mansion is doing a special Xmas promo involving two feature updates per day over the next 50 days (starts today, 22nd Nov 2012). That's 100 brand new scenes featuring 25 different Dominas in total. You won't get a better offer than this for a long time so jump on it now while you've got the chance.

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CBT Extreme

Forced Male Masterbation - Femdom Milking Experiment

Femdom Milking Session

Femdom Milking Experiment - Click Here

Today's forced male masterbation video features a femdom milking experiment in which a guy is stripped naked and force-milked by three women. The guy has been captured by the three women and the older woman, who is in charge, instructs the younger women to strip the guy naked. She explains that they need his cum for genetic experiments that will lead to the domination of all women and the subservience of men. The guy resists but the two young women are too strong for him and he eventually submits to them as their skilful hands milk his cock dry.

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Forced Masterbation Video - Watch Here

Femdom Masterbation Control - Jerked by Two Women

This video is a perfect demonstration of femdom masterbation control. In it a guy gets his cock jerked by two women after being forced to strip and strapped to a milking table. The two women are experts in cock control and explain to him that he must not cum unless they tell him. They then proceed with a mixture of handjob and cock torture techniques that deliver the ultimate mix of pain and pleasure.

Jerked by Two Women

Masterbation Control Video - Watch Here

What these two women don't know about femdom masterbation control just isn't worth knowing. They know exactly how to take the guy right to the very edge of orgasm before denying him and ensuring he does not cum. This goes on for ages with the guy being constantly teased, denied and tortured to the point where he is begging to be allowed to cum.

To find out if this femdom masterbation control video has a happy ending just watch the full-length version on this link...

Femdom Masterbation Full Video - Click Here

Men Forced to Masterbate - Guy Forced to Jack Off for Women

I know you guys like videos of men forced to masterbate by women so I know you're going to love this video of a guy forced to jack off by three girls. The three girls had been out on the town for the evening when they returned to their hotel somewhat worse for wear. In their drunken state they forgot which floor they were on and ended up barging into the room directly below where they should have been...

Guy Forced to Jack Off for Women

Guy Forced to Masterbate - Watch Here

Imagine how shocked and embarrassed this poor guy was to have three drunken women barge into his room just as he was cracking one off in front of the porn channel. The girls were pretty surprised too - but they were also far too drunk to be embarrassed. Instead, they ordered the guy to continue what he was doing and threatened to tell everyone they caught him jacking off to porn if he didn't do as they said.

You can watch the full-length video of this guy forced to jack off for three women by clicking this link...

Forced to Jack Off Video - Click Here

CFNM Forced Masterbation - Three Girls Force Guy to Cum

In this CFNM forced masterbation video three girls force a guy to cum after they catch him spying on them in the gym. The guy was caught peeping into the ladies changing area while the three girls were changing. They confronted him and backed him into a corner, demanding to know what the hell he was doing.

Three Girls Force Guy to Cum

Forced Masterbation at Gym - Watch Here

After forcing the guy to confess that he was indeed watching them getting changed, one of the girls asked how he would like it if they watched him getting changed. As she said this, the other girls suddenly started grinning. They had all had the same idea at the same time and one of them immediately ordered the guy to start stripping.

To find out exactly what happened next in this CFNM forced masterbation video, and find out how these three girls force a guy to cum, just follow this link...

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