Men Forced to Masterbate for Women - Female Boss Punishment

This video is the first in our series of videos of men forced to masterbate for women. In the video a guy is caught looking at porn on the Internet by his female boss. She decides that he should be punished and that the best way to punish him is to humiliate him by making him strip naked and masterbate in front of her.

Female Boss Punishment

Forced to Masterbate Video - Watch Here

This guy had no idea he would end up in such a humiliating position just from looking at a few naked women on the Internet. But this female boss is no ordinary boss and she decided the punishment should fit the crime. If he was going to look at porn in work then he could jack off in work too - as long as he did it naked in her office while she watched!

You can watch the full video of this man being forced to masterbate in front of his boss by clicking the link below...

Femdom Forced Masterbation - Click Here