Husband Forced to Masterbate for Wife Video

This video features a submissive husband forced to masterbate for his wife. The wife caught the guy eyeing up a young waitress when they were out for the evening and promised she would punish him for it when they got home. True to her word she made him strip naked in the living room as soon as they got back from their meal.

Forced to Masterbate for Wife Video

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As the husband stood naked in front of his wife she told him what a loser he was and how he would never have any chance of fucking the pretty waitress. She promised him he would not be getting any sex from her that night and that he better not disturb her in bed. She then decided that the best way to keep him from bothering her later was to make sure his balls were drained before they went to bed.

In order to drain his balls the husband was forced to masterbate while his wife watched. As he jerked his cock she ordered him to do it faster and faster until he shot a big wad of cum into her outstretched hand. She then told him that he must cum again for her at least twice or he would not get any sex for a month!

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